The plan, objectives and ethos

The trip was be self reliant, attempting to summit previously unclimbed peaks in a pure alpine style; leaving no trace.

The trip was exploratory in nature, and aimed to open up new climbing areas, summit virgin peaks, and increase the awareness for british exploration, and help to bring tourism to a struggling area of the world.

An Expedition Parton Mike 'twid' Turner FMGA mountain guide: ''Good luck lads, looks like a great area, spend lots of time researching, have fun, enjoy the journey and the people, pull hard and live dangerously''

Monday, 7 June 2010

We will fly from London to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan via Moscow. Purchase supplies and meet with our in-country contact, Valdmir in Bishkek. Travel south-east overland by all-terrain vehicle and establish a base camp in upper reaches of the Torugart valley. We will then begin to explore each glacial basin, decide upon objectives and establish advanced base camp.
The trip will be self reliant and attempt to summit previously unclimbed and unexplored peaks between 4000m and 6000m in a pure alpine style, and where possible leave no trace.
The expedition will be very exploratory in nature, it will open new climbing areas, raise the profile of british mountaineering, and bring tourism to a poor area of the world.

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