The plan, objectives and ethos

The trip was be self reliant, attempting to summit previously unclimbed peaks in a pure alpine style; leaving no trace.

The trip was exploratory in nature, and aimed to open up new climbing areas, summit virgin peaks, and increase the awareness for british exploration, and help to bring tourism to a struggling area of the world.

An Expedition Parton Mike 'twid' Turner FMGA mountain guide: ''Good luck lads, looks like a great area, spend lots of time researching, have fun, enjoy the journey and the people, pull hard and live dangerously''

Advise from Mike Turner

Hi James,happy to be of some help. I am off to Alaska climbing and in transit. Best get back in touch after 1st of July when I am back at home.'Good luck lads looks like a greatr area. Train hard, spend plenty of time researching the area. Check all the Russian sites. Contact Lindsay Griffin, Pat Littleejohn, Adrian Nelhams and the Alpine Club as they have experience of the area. Get a good agent on the ground to help with logistics. suggest asking Pat. Have fun and enjoy the journey and people. Take a few small gifts to help smooth the way. Sunglasses and watches are good. Makesure you scan every edition of American Ac journal on line. The Russians climbers have ben everywhere remember. The rock in the photo looks sedimentary but not sure. Cherck the rock type. If Des it might be poor quality meaning ice l;ines are best. A ouple of snow stakes might be useful for any snow sections. Light is right. Pull hard and live dangerously!Cheers Twid Mike 'Twid' Turner IFMGA Mountain Guide, MIC